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Custom Jewelry Gift

3 Benefits of Custom Jewelry

Designing jewelry is an art and making jewelry a craft. Having a custom piece of jewelry made is an excellent way to commemorate an important event or milestone. Whether you are interested in purchasing an engagement ring, pendant necklace or another…

Birthstones Gift

Everything You Should Know about Alexandrite

Alexandrites are gemstones associated with the month of June because it is the birthstone of people born in June. This gem is particularly interesting to study because we seemingly never run out. Every time it seems like there are…

Birthstones Gift

Everything about the March Birthstone Aquamarine

If you’re one of the lucky March babies, you have the March birthstone aquamarine. There is also another birthstone associated with March. Bloodstone is also a March birthstone but it is much less popular than aquamarine. What is Aquamarine?…

Gift Promotion

Gift Card Swap Promotion

This Valentine’s Day Buchroeders wants to share the love by giving your unused gift cards to The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri with our gift card swap promotion. If you bring in any unused gift cards, we will…