Are Halo Engagement Rings Fading Out of Style?

Baby, I can see your halo, but for how much longer? Are these heavenly halos headed for a fall from grace after a decade of unsurpassed popularity?

The modern halo first became popular in the 1920s. The style’s clean, geometric lines, ornate details and dramatic flourishes emerged out of the art deco movement. Over the past century, halo engagement rings have continued to come in and out of fashion. Throughout the 2010s, the style became particularly ubiquitous.  Countless, luminaries have adopted halo, or cluster style engagement rings, from Natalie Portman to the Duchess of Cambridge.

From 2010 to 2011, search interest for the phrase “Halo Engagement Ring” increased more than 500% according to Google trends. The ring’s massive popularity has continued to reach new heights in the following decade. However, there is evidence that this passion for halo engagement rings has started to dwindle. Search traffic for the term has stagnated since December. In May of 2019, search interest reached its lowest point since March 2013.

At Buchroeders, we’ve seen brides shifting away from more traditional halo set round diamond engagement rings, in favor of more unique pieces. However, this does not mean that halo engagements rings are about to become obsolete.

Halo settings are considered the second most popular settings of all time, right behind solitaire. Although fashion is perpetually evolving, engagement rings are usually designed to be classic. Even today, several new iterations of halo style rings have emerged to keep this style innovative and fresh.

Here are our five favorite twists on the iconic halo style:

Double Your Drama

Double the wow factor with a second halo

Adding a second halo can give your halo classic halo engagement ring a modern flair. This second row of diamonds adds more sparkle and more versatility to your engagement ring.

Curate Your Band

Rose gold bands can give your halo set engagement ring the boost of modernity to push it to the next level.

Combining a rose gold band with a more traditional halo engagement ring, allows you to bridge the gap between old and new. This pairing offers the perfect midpoint between the classic halo and the more modern metal choice.

Get Adventurous with Color

This gorgeous double halo band provides an ideal match between traditional white diamonds and yellow diamonds, perfectly incorporating both options into one cohesive look.

Since halo styles utilize several clusters of diamonds, these styles invite brides to deviate from the norm. Looking for a departure from traditional white diamonds without abandoning the look altogether? Halo engagement rings can create the perfect balance between the classic white diamond and a bolder colored gemstone.

Bypass Traditional Settings

Alternatives to traditional straight settings such as a split shank setting, featured above, east west settings and bypass settings are breathing new life into traditional halo styles.

New setting styles are breathing new life into traditional halo styles, from east-west settings, with their sleek, sideways facing orientation, to the double lines of a split shank engagement ring, to the easy natural symmetry of a bypass setting. Modern settings can evoke a sense of airiness, freshness and balance, unrivaled by a traditional halo style with a simple straight setting.

Feeling Fancy?

Fancy shaped diamonds like the east-west set marquis with a bypass setting featured here offer a unique twist on traditional halo styles.

Opting for a fancy shape center diamond, over the more traditional round diamond can make a halo ring look more modern.  We’ve been seeing a particularly strong interest in marquis, oval and pear shaped diamonds with pave halos recently.

Hide Your Halo Away

Baby, I can’t see your halo.

Hidden details on engagement rings are among the most subtle and romantic takes on the classic halo. This romantic trend provides a more romantic alternative to bold halo looks, with the ring of micro pave diamonds tucked behind the center diamond, in the ring’s gallery.

Whether you’re a fan of these new variations on halo styles, adore solitaire settings or you’re a die-hard champion for bold halo styles. Buchroeders has you covered.

Our selection of engagement rings is unmatched. Looking for something more unique? Our team of experts is here to help you build the custom engagement ring of your dreams.

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