6 Reason Purchasing a Pre-Owned Diamond is a Great Option

Did you know there is a way to get real, authentic, environmentally friendly diamonds at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing a luxury buying experience? The answer is simpler than you may think.

We’re in the midst of a resale revolution. Since 2015, overall sales in the secondhand market have doubled. Projections have indicated that the resale market will account for $51 billion dollars in sales by 2023.  64% of women are interested in purchasing secondhand products, a 20% lift from 2016.

However, due to the intense emotional significance an engagement ring represents, some people may be hesitant to purchase previously owned diamonds.  Nevertheless, opting to purchase a pre-owned diamond can offer a number of distinct advantages.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider buying a previously loved diamond:

1. You are most likely already looking at pre-owned diamonds, you just don’t know it.

Most diamonds are between 1 and 3.5 billions of years old. To put it in comparison, recorded history began 5,000 years ago, meaning that the history of written language is less than 1% of the age of a diamond. Since diamonds predate written language, it’s all but impossible to know the full history of most diamonds in the market. It is possible to purchase a diamond that is newly mined with no previous owner and the certificates to prove it, but you will pay a premium for this option and need to specifically request this from most jewelers.

2. Pre-owned diamonds are the most environmentally responsible diamonds.

Diamond mining can be hard on the planet. Roughly 250 tons of earth must be moved, and an estimated 125 pounds of carbon is emitted for every 1-carat diamond mined. Lab-grown diamonds also pose a negative environmental impact. Although there has been limited research exploring the impact of the byproducts created in diamond production, it requires a tremendous amount of pressure and heat to manufacture a diamond. In order to generate the heat and pressure, diamond labs must use a great deal of electricity.

In contrast, pre-owned diamonds do not place any additional strain on the environment. Since these diamonds are already fully formed and accessible, they have virtually no environmental impact whatsoever. This exponentially reduces the purchaser’s carbon footprint compared to those who opt for either lab grown or mined diamonds.

3. Get more diamond for less money.

Opting for a pre-owned diamond is a great way to maximize your purchasing power.  When you purchase a diamond new, you pay for every step in the production & distribution process, including, paying for mining, cutting, polishing, wholesaler, and retail jeweler. And with each of those steps, a profit must be made driving up the cost of the diamond to the end consumer.

Instead, find a retail jeweler that buys directly from the public and advertises that their diamonds are wholesale prices. Since they buy their diamonds from the public at a lower cost than a traditional wholesaler they can pass this savings on to you. This will allow you to maximize your budget so you can get a larger and/or higher quality diamond or just save you some money on the diamond that you want.

4. Create a new ring with an old diamond.

Just because your diamond has a previous owner, doesn’t mean that the whole ring has to as well.  It’s very common to purchase a pre-owned diamond to set in a brand new setting of your choice. You can choose from hundreds of prototypes or build a completely custom ring that you have been dreaming of. At Buchroeders, our professionals are aware of all the latest trends in engagement rings and we are here to help you select or design your perfect engagement ring.

5. Diamonds have a rich history of being passed down from generation to generation.

There is a storied tradition of passing diamonds down through generations. Even if your ancestors didn’t pass their ring on to you, you can still benefit from previous generations. Besides, there’s something magical about having an heirloom diamond. Maybe it ones one of a hundred diamonds in a crown owned by Marie that was dismantled in a during the French Revolution. Or maybe it belonged to a sweet couple that had a 50-year long marriage but had no one to hand their diamonds on to.

6. You can still have an amazing luxury shopping experience.

When people hear “wholesale prices” it conjures up an image of wading through discount bins or scouring the internet for a good deal with seeing it in person. When shopping for an engagement ring, even if you’re looking for a great deal, your experience should still be luxurious and enjoyable. Come by Buchroeders today to sample our custom beer, examine gorgeous diamonds in person and speak with our expert staff as they help you find your perfect engagement ring and still get an unbelievable deal on a diamond.

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