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3 Things You Need To Do After Getting Engaged

Congratulations! Getting engaged is so exciting but what are you supposed to do after he pops the questions? We’ve compiled a list of the first 3 things you should do after saying “yes” when asks, “Will you marry me?”

1. Tell Your Family and Friends

One of the big things that you should do after getting engaged is let your family and close friends know. Celebrating your engagement with your friends and family is such a fun way to kick off your life as a newly engaged couple.



Oftentimes, family should be the first people you let know. If they didn’t already know that you were getting engaged, it’s nice to have them be the first to know. In addition, family will sometimes throw engagement parties for the newly engaged couple so you should let them know as soon as possible to leave them ample time to plan a party.

2. Take Tons of Pictures and Selfies

One of the biggest perks of getting engaged is all of the likes you will get on social media! Be sure to ask your future-husband to snap some great pictures of the both of you! Also, these pictures will make some great memories so you can look back on your engagement and remember how much fun it was during this time in your life!

3. Get Your Ring Insured

Finally, the most important thing you should do after getting engaged is getting your engagement ring insured. The Buchroeders Assurance Program is your best option to protect your jewelry. It’s a comprehensive limited warranty that protects your jewelry, offering you peace of mind. Our plan only requires one payment per year and has no premiums and no annual inspections after the initial evaluation.

Buchroeder’s offers a limited warranty Assurance program that covers your ring in case of loss, theft, or damage. You will be covered for any repairs such as: replacing prongs, refinishing, lost or chipped stones, sizing and soldering for repair purposes.

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