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10 Tips to Snap the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Congratulations! You’re newly engaged. He’s popped the question, the ring is exquisite, you’ve called your best friend (and your mom) and you’re ready to share the good news with the rest of the world. Snap the perfect ring selfie with these 10 easy tips.

1. Opt for Natural Lighting

When it comes to photography, lighting is everything. Good lighting can be the key difference between an incredible shot and a lackluster one. Fortunately, the sun provides the best lighting for any photo, and will really allow your center diamond to shine.

Notice the difference between the image on the left compared to the one on the right?

These photos were taken on the same phone within five minutes of each other; however, the photo on the left was taken in natural lighting, while the one on the right was taken under a fluorescent bulb.

2. Be Mindful of Your Shadows

While we’re on the subject of lighting, make sure you are aware of the shadows in a picture. Shadows can either create or obliterate the drama in a photo.  A good rule of thumb is to aim for minimal shadows running across your hand and your ring while maximizing the shadows in the background.

The image on the left adds drama by keeping the shadows in the background, compared to the image on the right where the shadows obscure the beauty of the ring.

3. Turn Off the Flash

The flash feature on your phone can drown out your ring’s light, turning even the most brilliant diamond into a dreary dull stone. Amplify your brilliance by turning off your phone’s flash.

The image on the left utilizes natural lighting while the one on the right relies on flash to illuminate the image


Zoom is one of the primary mistakes people make while taking photos on a smartphone. Since the lens cannot extend out, using zoom makes an image look blurry, low contrast and dull.

5. Remember the “Rule of Thirds”

Photographers use what is called the “Rule of Thirds” to draw attention to focal points and ensure a well-balanced photo.  The basic theory of this rule states that the eye is automatically drawn to focus on the three lines shown on the grid below. For optimal balance, try to center your ring in the areas where the lines intersect.

Aim for balance, by centering the focal point of your picture in where the white lines intersect.

6. Don’t Forget the Background

Although you want your ring to be the central focus of your photo, the background can add important drama, details and distinctness to your photo. Ask your partner to stand in the background of the shot, or capture the stunning surroundings of your proposal. Regardless of whatever you decide, make sure that the area in the background of your photo is clean and devoid of any messes.

7. Get Creative

Creativity is the antidote to boring ring selfies. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!  Use props, pets, different layouts and poses to really help your photo to pop. And don’t forget to pick up a free “Does This Ring Make Me Look Engaged” mug from Buchroeders for a fast and easy prop.

Pick up a Free Mug from Buchroeders with your ring

8. Use Lines to Lead the Eye

Another trick used by professional photographers is to lead the eye with lines. Basically, this rule states that the eye follows lines from the edges of a photo into the center of a photo.  Fortunately, your fingers and wrist provide a natural line. Frame your hand at an angle so hand leads the eye directly to your ring.

The image on the right uses the line of the wrist to guide the eye directly to the ring, while the image on the left is less evenly balanced.

9. Focus Your Lens

It has never been easier to take a clear, crisp and focused photo. Just tap your center diamond on screen before taking the photo and the camera will automatically adjust to take a jaw-dropping picture. Just make sure not move your hand after you’ve focused the camera, otherwise, you’ll have to refocus your lens to compensate for the change in distance.

Once you focus your camera, make sure to keep your hand in the same place!

10. Make Sure Your Lens Is Clean

A dirty lens can ruin an otherwise perfect photo. Make sure to wipe down your camera before you start to make sure that everything is set and good to go.

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